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Why Children Need A Character Education?

Character building is essential approach for building nation. In essence, the development of a child is to develop a true understanding of how this world works, learn "rules of the game" every aspect in this world. Children will grow into personal character when can grow in the range of characteristic

There are 3 Ways to Educate Children Character:

1. Change the environment, doing character education by laying out rules and consequences at school and at home.

2. Provide knowledge, provide knowledge on how to do the behavior that hoped to appear in their days and applied.

3. Controlling emotions, human emotions are in control of 88% of human life. If able to touch the emotions and provide accurate information so that information will be settled in his life.

The story of a corrupt racket

I found this interesting story at
Perhaps all of us can learn from these story.

A young boy accidentally destroy his father's racket. Because of fear, she hid the racket under the bed in his room.

Every time his father entered the room, her fear. He accidentally sat down on the bed, worried father raised beds later found that he rusakkan racket. That's why he is always trying to move the racket that he rusakkan to another as often as possible, in hopes father will not be able to find it.

So far everything is always able to be treated successfully. Faults remain hermetically sealed in front of his father. However, as long as it did not calm him. Every moment of guilt arise and judge. Wherever he went, his heart was always drawn to the racket that the father he never rusakkan.

The more often he moved his racket rusakkan, he is getting restless, because it means the little place that allows it to hide the broken racket. In ketertekanannya, he finally took the damaged racquet, bring it in his right hand, then went to his father with fear.

Having been in front of his father, he said as he showed the destruction racket, "father, forgive me for damaging racquets father, I am ready to be punished."

Heard of her son, the father leaned over and said, "son, father already knew all of that from last week, just waiting for your father to have the courage to admit it. Now the father was about to say to you that the father forgive you. "

The last sentence of the father actually make the child feel relieved and free. Admit mistakes is the beginning of a great deed, and to account for the error is a step towards happiness.

Jumat, 19 Juli 2013

Meerkat and Grebe : Two Signs of Love for a Child

In a vast steppes, a set of Meerkat (Ind.: Mongoose) is preparing to return to the nest. By evening, a fox crept toward the nest. Knowing this, the parent Meerkat immediately put the body in the nest entrance. He was ready to fight to protect her children. The next morning, the battle scars overnight with wolves force the meerkat’s parent last breath. 

In another hemisphere, a pair of birds building nests near Grebe lake inhabited by crocodiles. Once when the crocodile was very hungry, Grebe chicks are still too weak to be crocodile’s food. Parent birds know it and immediately pretended hurt to distract the crocodile. Seeing other larger dining, the crocodile follow where the mother bird away. As she shuffled like a mortally wounded, the parent birds Grebe risking his life so that the crocodile away from her children.

Two stories above is not a fictional story. 
Grebe bird and meerkats are just 2 of the many creatures of God given instinct of compassion. There are many other creatures that God showed his affection with a variety of ways. Especially humans, which was given the mandate as the inheritors of the earth, the absolute has the affectionate nature. Without it, the position as the leader in the face of the earth will only bring misfortune. 

When young, Grebe chicks feed her mother found hairs or feathers of his own. It is intended that these feathers form a filter in the stomach chicks, which would prevent the entry of fish spines into the digestive tract. 

When we were kids, our parents are very careful with what we eat. When we are sick, we are the ones that most parents worry about the condition of our bodies. They think very best education that will be given to us. With all the sacrifices they made, how should we reply? 

There's no way we give back what they have given. But as a child, our obedience, our devotion, respect, attention, and affection we do, are the things that will make them happy to have us as their sons and daughters. (Aan)

Languages ​​and Civilizations

Long before Cesare Bollugia ambitious to unite Spain, Naples, and Rome, the Abbasid Caliphate had been in control of Western civilization in Europe. Yes, Andalusia in the 7th century AD has been the center of civilization with Cordoba as one of the prominent cities. At this time, in Spain, Christians are immersed into what is known as the Mozarabic Culture (Dr. Hamid Fahmi Zarkasyi). Islam is the dominant culture that may have contributed greatly to the birth of a new view of life in the West. 
Prior to the 7th century, Western civilization has indeed been inherited from the Greeks and Romans. However, sophisticated Muslim worldview and more rich knowledge of what is contained in the Latin world, has given stimulus to the rise of the ideology, intellectuality, and imagination of medieval European society. 
Then, in the 10th century AD, wheel rolling back civilization. Rotating steady and strengthen the Christian army ambition to return to the glory which he inherited from Roman civilization, while continuing to enrich the heritage of world civilization with Islam: aspiration and enthusiasm for life. 

Transfer the live of view 
Civilization is formed when the constituent elements that include factors accumulate material and immaterial in such a way in a short time. And indeed, the forerunner of the wheels of civilization from the time of the Abbasid Caliphate to Christian Europe has been going on since the Islamic civilization reached its glory. Of course, just as the Ibn Khaldun: "When a people have reached the point of civilization, then nobody could awaited addition to its destruction" (Mujahideen Muhayyan). 

When Islamic civilization that reached its peak, western aspirations of Muslims to enrich their worldview. 
Lives of the people with intellectual and sophisticated view of life in the shade of the Islamic civilization, which is felt and seen by the European through and visit their diplomatic relations, has given rise to the embryo changes. And these embryos develop when the people of Europe realize that they can absorb the aspirations and spirit of Muslim life by transferring and assimilating the books of philosophy and Islamic science. In addition to stories and poems were transmitted orally, many Muslim scientific works translated by the West. This enthusiasm is so great-monastery to monastery Europe, especially Santa Marie de Rippol, on the 12th and 13th century AD manuscript has storage space for a large number of Muslims to their scientific work translated. Thus, they can explore science contained in the libraries of Islam. In fact, for the smooth running of the translation process, the kings of Europe established a school for translators in Toledo, just after Christian forces recaptured the city in 1085 AD 

So no wonder, if the works of medieval European scientists could not be separated from the works of translation from Arabic.Historians note that the development of Western Europe in the mid 13th century is a combination of elements, called Greco-Arabic-Latin. In other words, the mastery of the language that characterizes the works of philosophy and science of the time, has opened the gates of the intellect and the western way of life, and make the people of Europe, once again, as the ruler of Western civilization, which is more rich in scientific works andconcepts of the Islamic worldview. 
Once again, "just" because of the language ... 

Language, forming the arms of civilization
History of a civilization begins when the language has evolved its constituent communities. Archaeologists itself establish that history began when society has known writings. It refers to the written evidence is found. Interim period before the written evidence is categorized as prehistoric. And writing, is evidence that language comprehension is a growing community. 

Language, according to Muhayyan Mujahideen, a form born of the workings of the brain, which is thought. The brainchild of a variety of shapes. 
Some are born as art, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, and so on. The birth of the results of this thinking help humanity understand the moral values, religion, the universe, including his true identity. Because art is the language of our feelings and thoughts. Philosophy is the language of the deepest values ​​of life and living. Mathematics is the language of symbols for objects and events around us. Similarly astronomy, is a language that helps us understand the universe, as well as our identity. 

So the development indicates the rise of the language of a people. 
This evolving mindset, enables man to actualize themselves in such a way as to develop the immaterial factors such as rules, moral values ​​and beliefs (religion). Immaterial factors, supported by material factors such as geological factors, geographical, and economic, accumulate to form a civilization.Because it's no wonder, when the only developed nation that bahasanyalah, which is able to form a human existence, called civilization. 

Generating Islamic civilization
Mastery over the language does have an important role for the formation of a civilization. Therefore, it is not possible to revive the language of a civilization that had drowned. 

Ibn Khaldun defines civilization as the pinnacle of cultural achievement ladder. 
And a spokesman for culture, language becomes a very powerful tool for spreading the culture of the speakers of the language. When languages ​​have made the culture of a nation into a global culture, the culture of the nation will color the joints civilization. 

But the Islamic civilization, not just a collection of culture.Civilization is built upon the apostles ”millah” worldview that contains the potential to blow up its constituent humans. 
Muslims need to unite immediately languages, and raised the height of the glory of civilization with language. To that end, efforts to unify the language of the policy must be followed up with efforts to speak. 
During the cold war, the Soviet Union and the United States in a world polarized into the motor block west and a block east. 
But in reality, the Soviet Union was not able to put the Russian language equal to English in the international arena. So that American popular culture over popular culture coloring origin of civilization than the Soviet Union. History also indicates the failure of the Japanese and German military during World War II as a result of the absence of the policy language. So the Japanese or German culture does not contribute significantly in the coloring of civilization.

Now, it was time for Muslims to dye civilization again. 
Because the Muslim worldview that rests on the Quran, should be the entity of human civilization. In order for civilization, become truly civilized. (Aan)

This is one of my article that published in "buletin Integral" a few years ago. After re-read it, I found interesting to publish it in my blog. How is your opinion about it content?

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Club for everygirl who likes writing

After talking left and right, never thought, it turns out quite a few friends "excited" by the idea of ​​establishing a school-based Talent. Just how? As a result, this idea should be the way somehow. Because this is not just an idea, but a dream. So, as a first step we will make the club first. Talent-based school is a school for developing talent and interest, so the classes are in the form of clubs.There are writing club, diva club, animation club, etc. Well, because the cost of the device and to establish schools quite complicated and large, then we set up the club first. It's like building a dream home, which is preceded by arranging bricks one by one. Clubs that want to set up the first time was writing club. This is due to the establishment of school-based talent is fronted by people equally like writing. In addition, the establishment of capital was also not so great. Well, after writing club, then other clubs will surely also soon stand. This is a writing club targets schoolgirls. Club members will be divided into teams to complete the project. We are also looking for a publisher to accept the results of the project will be. What if the publisher does not accept? then we publish the results of the project will be independent. So, for the schoolgirls aged 15 years and over who are interested in realizing the dream in the field of writing, better join this club. It's free. Want it???

Talent-based School

What it was like going to school with our way? We learn what we really like and need. For example, I love to write. Then the school will host a book-making project, or a novel, or other. Each time the teaching and learning process, which we are doing is trying to complete the project. The Report is the result of our posts have been published. 
Or as I like the culinary arts. Someday want to be a culinary professional artist. Then the school will bring experts in the field to teach. Each meeting we make a work of culinary art different.For example, today the theme is chocolate, fruit mix next meeting, the next meeting different again. At the end of the school year, the exam form of culinary art exhibition, then we get certificate of diploma culinary professional artist. So, we can use the certificate to apply for work in the gallery or school or corporate pastry / cake culinary artist in need of services. Exciting right ! 
If I love photography, so I would join a photography class. Each meeting we learn to take pictures with different themes. During the meeting, we automatically learn how to set up the lighting, take a right angle, and all about cameras, ranging from its history to the development of the camera. In the end, the science of photography we can get it deeply. Then at the end of the school year, the evaluation of learning is in the form of an international photo exhibition. Sure is cool!
What about I like sports, football for example. Of course I’ll follow football class. In football class, the students are trained in the discipline to be a professional player. In addition there are certain times interspersed lessons on personality. Sports athletes nowadays it's that close to the entertainment world. So it's important to be a decent athlete sale. Well, the school organizes regular events match as well, but to follow the games of football clubs outside school. The football graders must compete for a chance to play in international clubs. Well, of course the school have to facilitated it.
And other talents, such as singing. The Report is the album of their work. Who love animation, the report is animated movie they’ve made. School will facilitate to distribute the work of his students to the broadcasting world. And so on ... 

If school is in this way, both students and teachers certainly do not stress, because they learn and teach appropriate field of their interest and obtained knowledge that is certainly needed when they grow up and work in the field, right?
Wanna go to school in a school like this? Or would like to teach in a school like this? Let’s make!

Senin, 01 Juli 2013

Klub buat yang suka nulis

Setelah bicara kiri-kanan, nggak nyangka, ternyata beberapa teman cukup "excited" dengan ide pendirian Talent based school. Cuma caranya gimana? Alhasil, ide ini harus bisa jalan bagaimanapun caranya. Karena ini bukan sekedar ide, tapi impian.
Jadi, sebagai langkah awal kita akan bikin klub dulu. Talent based school adalah sekolah berbasis bakat, jadi kelas-kelasnya berupa klub-klub. Ada writing club, diva club, animasi club, de el el. Nah, karena perangkat dan biaya untuk mendirikan sekolah cukup rumit dan besar, maka kita dirikan klub dulu. Ini seperti membangun sebuah rumah impian, yang diawali dengan menata batu bata satu demi satu. Klub yang mau didirikan pertama kali adalah writing club. Ini karena pendirian talent based school ini digawangi oleh orang-orang yang sama-sama suka nulis. Selain itu, modal pendiriannya juga tidak begitu besar. Nah, setelah writing club, maka club-club lainnya juga pasti akan segera berdiri.
Target writing club ini adalah siswi-siswi SMU (muslimah) mulai dari kelas 1. Anggota club akan dibagi menjadi beberapa tim untuk menyelesaikan proyek bukunya. Kita juga sedang mencari penerbit untuk menerima hasil proyek nantinya. Bagaimana jika penerbit tidak menerima? maka hasil proyek akan kita terbitkan secara indie.
So, buat para remaja muslimah usia 15 tahun ke atas yang berminat mewujudkan impian di bidang tulis-menulis, lebih baik ikut klub ini. Kan gratis. Mau???